Age IV Accessibility Features

World’s Edge studio and Relic Entertainment are excited to offer a number of options that allow players to tailor their experience to better enjoy Age of Empires IV. A full list of these features can be found below.

Color Filters available using Windows Ease of Access settings

Age of Empires IV makes use of your Windows system Color Filter settings.

Screenshot of the Windows Color Filter settings menu.

In-game narration of User Interface (UI)

Enabling Narration on first launch of the title or via in-game Settings allows for main menu text to be read aloud.

Please note that the in-game HUD is not narrated under this feature.

In-game narration of incoming chat messages

Narration also allows for incoming chat messages to be read out if the setting is enabled.

Remappable keys

Players can remap the keys for various gameplay functions at any time from Settings>Controls.

Story Mode Difficulty setting for Campaign

Story mode is one of four campaign difficulty options and is designed for those looking to experience the historical events of Age of Empires IV without a strong challenge. When playing the Campaign using the Story Mode, the enemy will not probe your defenses and mounts only light attacks.

Screenshot showing the campaign difficulty selection.

Strong Contrast Mode for all Menus/UI

Strong Contrast mode allows text to stand out more in the main menu and HUD. This can be enabled at any time from the in-game settings and will require a quick restart of the game before the change takes effect.

Screenshot of the game menu with strong contrast.

Subtitle options: Off, Movies, In-game + Movies

Subtitles are available across our video and in-game content, or can be disabled fully based on player preferences.

A cinematic from the game displaying large captions.

UI Text scaling: Default, Large, Largest

Players are able to scale some HUD and in-game menu text from 100% to 150% size per preference.

A civilization tech-tree with the largest UI text scaling.

Volume settings – Master, Music, Speech, SFX

Players are able to tune their sound effect, speech, music volume preferences as well as master volume from the in-game settings.

Panning Speed Options in In-Game Settings

Players are able to tune the in-game camera’s panning speed to their comfort level from the in-game settings.